Club Basis

Artwork series 1

Basis is located at a unique venue at the medieval canals of Utrecht, which holds the romance itself. But that romance is contradicted by the club’s raw image. Holding a 24-hour license, Basis extends its progressive image as a club. With over 70 events per year, the club faces a challenge to create unique artworks for each event, but on the other hand to aim for a consistent brand identity as well.

As a solution to this problem, we developed a number of guidelines that each design should comply with. The logo of the club, the line-up and additional text is always positioned in the same way, in every design. This is how we created more consistency and recognizability for the Basis brand. Apart from the event info and text, there is still enough space to create surprising designs, over and over, both offline and online. From posters to social media banners.

Basis 2018 artwork 3Year
Basis 2018 artwork Fjaak

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