Club Basis

Artwork series 2

Earlier we developed a series of artworks for the 2017-18 season of club Basis in Utrecht. With the 2018-19 season starting in September, we were fortunate enough to develop a new style and artwork for the club. This season, the underground venue welcomes international DJs as David Vunk, Agents of Time, Secret Cinema and Sam Paganini.

For each artwork, we have taken a recognizable element from the club as a starting point. From the painted walls downstairs to the subwoofers underneath the booth and the concrete pillars. This resulted in a unique style that maintains the clubs’ unique image. All the photos used in the artworks are shot ourselves. The artwork is finished by a centrally placed lineup in order to keep a focus on the artists performing.

Club Basis November Artwork Billboard
Club basis artwork poster november
Club basis artwork poster december
Club basis artwork poster New Year
Club Basis photo inside
Club basis artwork poster january
Club basis artwork poster march
Club basis artwork poster september
Club basis artwork banners

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