Dark Side of the Sun

An imprint by Luuk van Dijk

Into (tech)house? Then you probably have heard of Luuk van Dijk. He has performed at some of the biggest clubs and festivals, including Awakenings, Paradise and Cocoon. His groovy sound has been picked up by established labels such as Hot Creations and Circus Recordings. What’s next? Showing the world his musical vision through his new imprint, Dark Side Of The Sun.

Solo Artists developed a branding and visual style for Dark Side Of The Sun. The logo design is inspired by the many planets orbiting around the sun. In addition, those who take a closer look at the logo design will recognize a subwoofer-element.

Similar to the logo design, the artworks used for releases on the label are inspired by planets as well. Bright colors finish the artworks, matching Luuk’s energetic personality.

Dark Side of the Sun logo design
Dark Side of the Sun artwork animation
Dark Side of the Sun Artwork Print

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