Nachtcollege Events

A playful series of artworks

With more than 30 events a year, Nachtcollege is a well-known player in the game of house and techno events. They organize events throughout the Netherlands, in all major cities. Back in 2017, we have partnered with Nachtcollege to create more consistency and take the artworks of their events to a next level. 

We came up with a playful series of artworks that can be easily translated into individual events. Each edition is unique but still fits in an overall tour design. The artworks are used for both online and offline purposes, such as Facebook event banners and printed posters. Our approach enables us to enrich the Nachtcollege brand with unique artworks for each tour and event.

Nachtcollege tilburg artwork poster
Nachtcollege event photo
Nachtcollege eindhoven artwork poster
Nachtcollege event photo 2

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