Stereo Sunday

Festival artwork

The tenth edition of Stereo Sunday Festival will kick off the summer with a weekend-long party. They’ll celebrate their anniversary with a broad array of artists, such as Bizzey, Moksi, and Ran-D. Our job? Taking care of the artwork and visual identity of this year’s festival. The briefing was clear: design an epic party.

And so we did. Flags, balloons, confetti… Do we need to say more? We started off with a new logo that would function as the center point of the artwork. A logo that’s a party-rocking artwork in itself.

Stereo Sunday 2019 Poster Artwork
Stereo Sunday 2019 logo Artwork
Stereo Sunday 2019 Post Artwork
Stereo Sunday 2019 Banner artwork
Stereo Sunday 2019 photo bizzey
Stereo Sunday 2019 poster street

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